All the way from UAE, Aleeze Nasser!

Aleeze is perhaps one of the best emerging talents of our industry! After establishing herself as an A Grade Model and Actress internationally, she is ready to rock Lolly-Town. She has the face and passion for it, soon to hit the big and small screens in Pakistan, let’s see what this beauty has to say …

What are your upcoming projects and future plans?

Plans are to enjoy and do lots of work! I am really looking forward to Yalghaar as its my first feature film and besides that I have a few projects in Dubai which are Hollywood collaborations that I am looking forward to embarking on in the near future!

Than I’m doing a video with WAAR’s Music Composer, Amir Munawar and you’ll also see me in WAAR 2! I’m also in talks with a Bollywood filmmakers and have 2 Pakistani Directors working for 2 Serials, both for Hum TV!

Tell us more about yourself and how you became a showbiz personality?

Dubai has been my home from the age of three, did my business degree from USA along with an acting degree from NYFA L.A.

Marriage took me to Nairobi Kenya for a few years and there I had a great learning experience in more than one way, managed a few businesses, learnt a new language and culture; pretty wholesome I would say.

Recently I have been doing some work closely with Dubai film commission that involves a project with Denzel Washington who’s making his directorial debut!

Share your experience of Yalgaar with us

Oh Well, Yalghaar has brought me back home after many, many years and I am so very pleased about this, as I had been circumstantially been away for rather too long from base.

Its like getting reacquainted to my own people and I am loving it and it is amazing in so many ways, the best thing that I realised is the resilience with which the people are treading forward despite all hurdles in their endeavours.

The entire team of Yalghaar is so focused and yet so much fun to be around. Doc, Bilal Ashraf and Sana Bucha are amazing people, all my co-actors and the entire crew have been great people to work with!

Describe the character in Yalghaar

Fareeha is a romantic character and enjoys her experience of moving into Pakistan from abroad by getting married to Col. Imran (Adnan Siddiqui). Her life is a window to the lives of many such military wives, gives a great insight and appreciation to a lay woman like myself! Hoping that people enjoy it …

Tell us about your work in the Hollywood collaborations

Working with the Dubai film commission on a project that is a collaboration with Hollywood where Denzel Washington’s makes his directorial debut! I’ll be seen playing a lawyer in the project

Who is your favorite male model and designer?

In all honesty I yet have to get to know the local models here, although I have seen and met a few and they are all amazing. I like Asad Zaman and I might be working with him soon. As for the designers I like Deepak Perwani and HSY locally and Velentino, Vera Wang and D&G from the West

Tell us about Bollywood

Well I have some projects which I’m looking into and I think I’ve got the best option ready though unfortunately I can’t disclose anything at the moment and let’s say that currently I’m happy with the work I have on my shoulders and that my main focus is on to my next film and my serials in Pakistan.

Published By Fizzzzz Pakistan.
Published By Fizzzzz Pakistan.

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